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About Me


Hi. My name's Dan. I'm a photographer and brand coach. I work with businesses and individuals to help them see their own magic and lean into it. I love empowering people. And there's nothing more powerful than finding alignment with our natural gifts and to start creating from that place. I believe everyone looks good in the right light - It's all about finding your angles.

In my previous life, I worked for advertising agencies as a brand strategist helping companies like Nike, Oakley, Amazon, Samsung, and PALMS Casino define their brand and communicate it in evocative ways. This experience gave me a unique tool kit that I use to ask better questions and help guide businesses to new levels of success with clarity and efficiency.


My true love in this life is photography - I think my greatest joy is showing people theirs. But, like you, I realize that I have a lot of gifts and I'm happiest when they're used in service and in balance. The camera is just one tool I use to shine a light on people so they can see themselves as their truest radiance. People generally hire me for portraits, retail/promotional photography, wedding photography, and events.


I help small businesses think strategically, communicate authentically, and take control of their creativity. I use one-on-one conversations and interview skills to pull the magic out of people and brands so they can focus on being themselves. In these conversations, I take careful notes and ask clarifying questions to help people organize their thoughts and see their fundamental strengths. From there we work together to create actionable plans to produce and measure your marketing assets.

Two years ago I co-founded a men's group called Brothers of the Moon. I've found that doing the work together makes it easier in general. Since then, our goal has been to create a circle of men in which we could deepen our vulnerability, develop emotional intelligence, and better show up in our relationships (especially with ourselves). 

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