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WTF is Branding?

A brand is the philosophy your marketing executes against. It's an articulation of your reason for being. I like to think about it as the "why" under your "what" that helps people answer the fundamental question: "who cares?". another way to think about 


Branding is using designful strategies to communicate value(s) so that other people can decide if they're on board or not. It's our way to help people get to know, like, and trust us. It also gives the person a reason to stay or go. Branding requires radical authenticity, honest reflection, and a willingness to challenge assumptions.


It also takes a subtle understanding of culture and human behavior. It's more than lipstick - it's more like a makeover built to lift and showcase your assets. Brand strategy is the process of seeing what's good, where we fit, and how we can best show up. 

I help businesses see their fundamental gifts and share them with confidence. Through interviews, workshops, and organized planning, I help businesses clarify their thinking. Together, we work to simplify complexity and narrow in on what's most important. I like to think of branding as the act of "letting the main thing be the main thing" and helping it shine. 

Let's work together to get your message on lock. I've worked with countless businesses over my career ranging from Nike to Intel to local mom and pop furniture stores and I'd love to work with yours. I'm on a mission to demystify "brand marketing" in order to help aspiring brands play smarter and win. I have a lot of gifts to help businesses of all sizes. Let's talk and see if we're a fit. I look forward to showing you your own magic and helping you share it with the world.


Lets work together


Campaign Crafting

We'll work together to hone in on your distinct business opportunity and create a targeted marketing campaign that resonates and drives results. From concept to production, we'll create marketing materials that will move the needle for your business. 


Brand Strategy

Clarity is key. Knowing how to succinctly and impactfully say what you do and what you're about is critical to any successful enterprise. We'll work together one-on-one or with your entire team to unpack the fundamental truths of your business to put them into action. 


Custom Content Creation

Take control of your creative content in a big way. We'll work together to generate the specific content you need to tell your unique story. From strategy to design to copywriting to photography, I'm looking forward to helping you shine. 


Marketing Strategy

Good marketing builds a narrative. A strong platform, a smart production calendar, and something worth saying can all go a long way to build rapport and drive trust. Let's make your marketing work smarter for you by telling better stories and inciting action. 

SR Product Shoot 1-5023.jpg


Product Photography

You need photography that sells the story. Good copy's great, but a picture is worth a thousand words. I work with businesses to understand and define their unique style and create images that reinforce the true line that runs through the brand. 


Environmental Portraits

Tell the story of your business and personality with custom-made environmental portraits. We'll work together to create a series of images that showcase the heart of your brand and invite people in to do business with you. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

haley queen.jpg


Google Overhaul

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Today people do most of their research about where to eat, where to shop, and whose services to procure with Google. How are you showing up? We'll overhaul your stock photography, and make your business look it's best while also helping you get found (and chosen). 

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