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Photography Process

Choosing a photographer is an intimate decision. I realize you're taking a leap of faith to work with me. My goal is to make the process as easy and as fun as possible. It's not enough to create a relaxed environment for shooting, I also want to make it easy before and after the process.  


Here's what it looks like to work with me. 


This is our first point ot contact. Here's where we'll talk about your vision for your project, but it's also an opportuntiy for us to feel out the vibe and see if we're a fit. We'll go over prices and packages to create a solution that fits your needs. And do a light consultation to make sure we have a clear understanding of how your photos will be used and what kind of look you're going for. From here I'll draft and deliver a proposal to make sure we're on the same page.


Consultation Deep Dive
(+ Deposit)

After you decide to work with me and make your deposit, we'll go through a deep dive to plan out your shoot. We'll unpack the particulars, choose a location, and create some mood boards on Pinterest to hone in on your particular aesthetic considerations. We'll discuss wardrobe, environments, lighting, timing, and even go over some posing cards to help you feel confident going into your shoot. 


Day of Shoot

We'll touch base via phone a few days before to make sure everything is still on track. On the day of our shoot, we'll check in early via text just to make sure the trains are running on time and to ease any last minute jitters (it happens to the best of us). We'll meet on location with my lighting assistant (if applicable) and go over the shoot plan to get everyone synced. At this point, I always like to pause and do a bit of deep breathing and embodiment work so we can all settle into our best selves. From there, we'll dial in the settings and start shooting. As we go along in our shoot, we'll also create fun behind-the-scenes videos of our shoot for immediate posting on social media. 


Photo Selection + Final Payment
(7 days after shoot)

Within a week after your shoot, we'll deliver your edited shots and review the results either in person or on zoom to hone in on your favorites so we can put the finishing touches on your absolute favorites. Together, we'll examine and discuss the final enhancements that will really make your final collections reflect your own personal shine. At the end of our session, you'll have access to a private link where can download, share, and choose your favorites. 


Final Delivery
(7 days after selections)

You'll have your finished photos in your hands winthin a week after you make your final selections. In our final meeting we'll review the polished photos, discuss printing options, and talk about our favorite highlights from our time together. 

Let's Work Together

My greatest joy is showing people theirs. I can't wait to work with you and reflect your glow back to you. 

phone -  (503)314.0525

email -

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